May 31st, 2021


Remembering What Could Have Been

Today is the birthday of an old girlfriend I still to this day regret letting slip away. If I'd been just a bit "bolder" when we were dating, things just might have worked out. We dated for quite a while before I stumbled onto the ex.

It's funny really. I have no problem remembering Sandra's birthday, but if you asked me today, I couldn't for the life of me remember the ex's birthday.
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Wish A Meteor Would Hit Their House

I don't see how those assclowns next door aren't completely DEAF by now. There has been LOUD, bassy thumping music coming from there ALL freggin' day, loud enough to come through the walls of my house.

If it's not that, it's their kids riding a LOUD dirt bike around their front yard. Wish they'd freggin' MOVE!

More Late Night Digitizing of Old Cassettes

Transferring the earliest "original series" my old fake production company did, " Randy Haney 's Life of Elvis", and listening to them again after all these years, reminded me how much I had to "pad" that particular show out to make "new" episodes.

Randy tended to not record often at all, so several of the 14 original episodes were compilations from previous episodes, and stuff I added relating to Elvis Presley without Randy. Also explains how I spread 14 half hour episodes over a three year time frame (with lots of repeats on the "broadcast" schedule).

By 1984, "Tape & Record Show Enterprises" had other "original series" which had better sound quality. Since I was recycling old Randy material from 1981/82, the sound on his shows was noticeably worse!