February 6th, 2021


Eating Out No Go

I find it kind of depressing when I see people posting about going out to eateries with live music, knowing those days seem to be long gone for me. Since the esophagus surgery, I can't risk eating "out" without the risk of PASSING out. Also, it takes me a long time to finish a plate of anything now.

If I "eat out" these days, I have to pick up something and bring it home to eat, so in case I need to lay down an hour or so after I finish, the bed is nearby.

How Should I Know??

Every so often when I go in for various checkups at doctors, I get asked, "Do you snore loudly at night when sleeping?".

I always tell them I have NO idea. Since I'm asleep, I wouldn't hear myself, and no one else has been in the same room with me overnight in over 23 years to notice.