February 19th, 2020

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Mom Ain't Good With Modern Electronics

The living room was eerily "quiet" when I woke up this morning. Mom is usually watching something on TV that time of morning. Turns out she had the TV off, because a "software update" notice popped up on the screen, she couldn't change channels with the notice up, she didn't know what to do about it, so she just turned off the TV and was reading a book.

I turned the TV on, ran the update, and now she's watching "The Price is Right". Maybe, since I rarely use the online features on that TV anyway (I have a Roku hooked to it), I should just leave the ethernet disconnected, and just plug it in every so often to check for updates, that way it would avoid confusion for mom.

At Least They Seem to Still Be Working On It

Just got another call from the legal firm handling my SSDI appeal claim. They mainly just wanted to make sure my address, main phone number, email, and extra contact were still the same. Also, wanted to know if I've seen any new doctors, which I haven't, although I let them know I'm having another esophageal dilation procedure next Wednesday.

Still no timeline about how much longer this will take. Hope not much longer, having a harder and harder time making bill payments.