January 28th, 2020


Almost A Trailer Flood

A bit of excitement late this afternoon at the trailer mom is renting out to a tenant. Knob on kitchen sink broke off, water was spewing everywhere. Tenant's girlfriend knocked on our door in a panic. Since it's been raining the past few days, hole where the water meter is located was full of mud and water, so it took a few minutes to get it cleared out enough to get down to the shut off valve. In the meantime, the tenants girlfriend was inside the trailer with her hand over the leak.

Tenant got home a few minutes later from his job. He knows a little about plumbing, so he offered to fix it, and mom will knock some off his next months rent.

Last time I tried my hand at plumbing, I nearly caused a flood, so I don't even TRY to fix that kind of stuff anymore. Besides, with my health issues, just the process of getting the water shut off nearly did me in energy wise.