November 6th, 2019

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More Medical Updates, and An Appeal

Went for respiratory/heart tests at the hospital yesterday morning. Won't be able to take a full fledged shower until tomorrow though. They have me hooked to a "Holter monitor" for that length of time. Have to return it tomorrow, same day as the pre-op testing for my next esophageal dilation procedure. Definitely time for another procedure. Starting to have trouble swallowing again.

Also, still need around $65 to cover one bill due on November 14th. The GoFundMe has been pretty much a "washout" for me so far in helping pay bills until I possibly get assistance from SSI. :-(
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Less Is More In This Case

A lot of my friends and relatives on Facebook are posting they are going to that stupid tRump "rally" (or as I call it, a "lie-fest") this evening. Then again, a lot of my friends and relatives on Facebook are ignorant rubes and will believe ANYTHING. No rational thoughts in their heads.

I'll see a drop off on my Facebook page after posting this, but I'm to the point I can't deal with people who can't use common sense to see what that assclown is doing to the country and democracy in general. I just have no more fucks left to give. Plus, with my health issues, I don't need the stress.