September 3rd, 2019


Only 15 years?

Linda Hamilton says she’s been celibate for 15 years. My first thought was ONLY 15 years?? I've got her beat by 7 years, but unfortunately not by choice... just no opportunity has arisen.

Nothing here since a couple months after my divorce was finalized in 1997, when my first girlfriend from my elementary school days randomly stopped by the house, and things randomly turned from one random thing to another. We never got to that "stage" when we dated. Haven't seen or heard from her since, so it was ENTIRELY "random". Also, she was apparently married at the time she visited. The timing of her visit makes me think she may have read the divorce notice in the newspaper.

Since I'm mostly "soured" on having a "relationship" after the divorce, I had seriously hoped she might have become a steady "friend with benefits", but as with my usual bad luck, my hopes were once again dashed. Still hoping to eventually find a friend, someone I actually KNOW, to have "benefits" with. There's a few I've went to school/worked with over the years I'm currently in touch with online whom I would hook up with in a heartbeat if they were interested or not happily married, but after all these years, I'm quite sure it'll never happen. There are also a few I've met "online only" since first getting the 'net in 1999, but even if there WERE a chance, they live too far away.

Also, I'm curious how well I'd "hold up" under the circumstances, since after the esophagus surgery, I haven't had the energy I used to. :-/