July 4th, 2019


High Spike

Testing my blood sugar levels was pretty much "within range" since I was prescribed the meter... until this afternoon, when it read 264 mg/dl . Highest it's been since I began testing. Might have been because I tested right after eating though.

EDIT: Realized later I forgot to take a Metformin tablet after eating my first meal of the day.
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Annoying Neighbors

Well, THIS is annoying. The people renting the old Funderburk place next door, who were playing music extremely loud the other day, are now shooting off fireworks. Can't they stay quiet like the rest of the neighborhood?

Routine Procedures

Pre-admission testing tomorrow morning at the hospital for my next esophageal dilation procedure Monday morning. Unfortunately, this is becoming "routine". They no longer even have to instruct me on what to do before/during the procedure, I have it memorized.