April 24th, 2019


Someone hates me today...

I feel like I should just go back to bed today. First, the water pressure in the shower slowed to almost a trickle this morning for a few minutes, then returned to normal just about when I was going to step out. Now the internet is going in and out.
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Ugh. Remembered to open the little MP3 player I used when I spent that last week in the hospital a couple months ago and remove the battery. The battery was only in the player a couple of months, yet had started to corrode. It was an Energizer battery. Not buying those again!

That's as bad as the Duracell batteries I had a while back that were nowhere near the use by date, yet started corroding in the PACKAGE. Not buying those again either. Only batteries I've bought recently that HAVEN'T tried to corrode are Panasonic batteries... and they are actually lower priced than the other two, and last just as long, if not LONGER.