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February 5th, 2019


Doctors, Doctors EVERYWHERE!

I've got another doctor appointment this afternoon. Not with the surgical doctor, but with my primary doctor at Conway. He was a little concerned about my blood pressure during last weeks appointment, so he had me go for some lab work, prescribed a higher dose medicine, and wants to see me back today.

I'm starting to get "sick" of seeing doctors after the last few months. :-P

Mo' Medical Updates

Blood pressure still high at today's doctor visit (154/100). He prescribed a second medicine to take at night (the other I take during the day). He also prescribed a fluid pill. With those two prescriptions, and a refill on another I needed, I picked up all three after leaving the doctor. Grand total in cost: $2.50. I have another appointment on February 18th.

Thank goodness for the Medicaid insurance for all this medical stuff and the prescription costs!