February 2nd, 2019

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Defective Phone System?

The last couple of weeks, around 6:30pm in the evening, a few days before a scheduled appointment, the phone has rang, with a number from the hospital on the caller-ID. I've assumed before answering it's one of those recorded messages reminding me of the appointment. However, those last couple of times, when I answer, all I get is a series of touch tone sounding beeps, no messages.

Methinks Ochsner/Conway needs to check their automated system. Something is obviously defective.
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No, I've Never Sent A Text From A Phone

A friend I was chatting with online recently seemed surprised I've never sent/received texts on a cellphone. I didn't get a mobile phone until about three years ago, and I only bought it in case of emergency or maybe the VERY occasional call when away from the house. Any "messaging" or internet oriented stuff I do is at home on the desktop (or very rare times the old laptop). The cellphone I have cost $15 from Tracfone, and I pay $20 once every 90 days for minutes. I use the phone so little, and since the unused minutes roll over, I currently have over 1300 unused minutes accumulated.