January 30th, 2019

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Son working two jobs

Andrew's hours were cut a while back at the Auto Zone he's working at in Florida, so he told us he's now driving for Uber when he's not working at the store.
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Phone Addicts

After my appointment at the Med-2 clinic yesterday, doctor sent me over to the main hospital for some lab work. There were five others in the waiting room. All five had their faces glued to their phones. I sat there watching the health tips on the TV in the room.

Doctor changed the dosage on my blood pressure medicine, and wants to see me again next week to check my pressure again.

Need Sleep

I think I've been half asleep since the surgery. Still having to attempt to fall asleep on my back (never COULD sleep well in that position). I sleep best laying on my left side, but the incision areas still give me too much discomfort if I try to lay that way. Also, if I DO get to sleep for a while, I wake up a few times a night with "cotton mouth" because my mouth opens after I doze off and everything dries out.

Last night I suddenly woke up with major discomfort, because apparently I tried to roll over onto my left side in my sleep.

I'll just be glad when I heal enough to finally sleep in my favorite position. Only THEN will I get a decent night's sleep.