December 21st, 2018


What Am I, A Pin Cushion?

When I went in this morning for my "pre-op testing" for the surgery next Thursday, they took more blood, three smallish vials. This time, they used my right arm. The bruising I posted in an earlier post on my left arm finally went away, but now getting one on the right arm. Oh well, after the surgery, my abdomen and maybe part of my chest, are going to look like someone shot me with a machine gun...

They asked if I was against transfusions. Nope, I'm not. If they end up having to do it, I'm fine with it. They said they would "type me" the day of the surgery. Guess I'll FINALLY, after 53 years, find out my blood type.

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The Old Cathode Ray Tube

A friend posted earlier on Facebook that her remote control for her digital to analog converter box stopped working. I have a box in a drawer with the remote that mom used for a short time before she moved in with me (she bought it with the government coupon during the digital switchover). All TV's in the house currently have built in digital tuners. Told her she's welcome to the box for free, since we don't need it.

Then I thought to myself, "Someone this late in the game still has a working CRT TV?".