November 14th, 2018

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Hospital Update

They ran the swallowing x-ray this morning. The doctor in the room at the time said he didn't like what he was seeing, and was going to try and get my other exams expedited. So, after a long wait, I also saw the original doctor that ordered the test. She ALSO said she didn't like what she saw, and has scheduled two different CAT scans for the 28th. I go back day after tomorrow (Friday) for "Pre-admissions testing". They are still waiting for an opening to do a scope, which they said is "backed up".

One rather "disheartening" thing I was told, the doctor said that there is a chance it "might" be esophageal cancer. Good grief I hope not! Hopefully it's something that can be treated relatively easy. The doctor said, since I have trouble swallowing almost anything "solid" (and sometimes even soup), to try to drink at least four Ensure's a day. I got to the hospital a little after 6:00am this morning. Left a little after 2:00pm this afternoon.

Sucks getting old. :-(

Bring Back Disc Jockeys...

Methinks the automated system at LA105FM was a bit "loopy" a little before 6:00am this morning. I was listening on my way to the hospital, a news break came on with Greg Gulius(SP?). He said the weather today was going to be bright, sunny, high of 95, "real feel" 105.

Difficulty: It snowed on me the entire drive to the hospital.