November 10th, 2018


Jump Off the Day

This day has started off well. NOT. Mom was getting ready to go into town for a few things this morning, and her car wouldn't start. Luckily my truck DID, so I was able to jump off her battery. She's going to stop by Advance Auto first, to see if she needs a new one.

I think I've stumbled upon something...

Maybe...just MAYBE...the reason I've wound up being "unattached" most of my life is my idea of "having fun". Always hated "going out". What I'm doing at 11:00pm on a Saturday evening is sitting here watching old "Mary Tyler Moore" shows on streaming. This is similar to my idea of "fun" even as far back as being a teenager... me and the TV.

I think that alone makes me a "snoozefest" for most of the opposite sex. Although it's always nice to have someone to watch with.