July 11th, 2018


Advertising Error

I was coming home from Brookshire's Grocery a few minutes ago, glanced up at the new large electronic advertising billboards recently installed near the Raceway gas station on Thomas Road, and saw something similar to this on the lower billboard (would have photographed it, but didn't have a camera with me)...

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"Statler and Waldorf" I'm NOT...

Heh. Someone in the TWiT podcast IRC channel called me the "Statler and Waldorf" of the network, just because I was saying I don't see the NEED for certain "tech". They asked why I watched, if I didn't like technology.

I DO like technology. Just not ALL technology. I mainly just have no use for smartphones (my $15 flip phone does all I need a cellphone to do), home automation devices (I'm not too lazy to get up and flip a switch), or any overpriced and overrated crApple product (it's a CULT). I'm posting this from a desktop PC, while watching the TWiT podcast on the LCD TV in the room via a Roku on the YouTube channel. I have Blu-ray players, a 5.1 surround system in the living room, a soundbar on the TV back here in the bedroom... so you can't exactly say I hate technology in general.
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One is better than the other...

Son just home with a pizza from "Johnny's Pizza House" . It wound up not costing him anything. He waited 30 minutes, the order was wrong, so they made him another one,and gave him a free drink mug. Things at the Thomas Road location apparently haven't changed after the rebuild. Same shoddy service.

THAT'S why I switched to the Wallace Road location over a year ago. They've NEVER gotten an order wrong, and I've never had to wait half an hour after I get there to pick up my order. Always ready when I get there. And it's not THAT much further from my house.