May 15th, 2018

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Travelin' Kittens

The past couple of days, the mother cat has been carrying her kittens out of the box we set up for her under the carport, and moving them under our vehicles. NOT a good place for them. Yesterday, she had them close enough to the right side of my truck, I was able to reach them and move them back to the box.

This morning, she had relocated them under mom's Mazda. She had them more toward the center, and I couldn't reach them. I got the flashlight, determined they were centered enough, mom could back out and I could then get them. When mom cranked the car, the mother cat ran out from under the car. Mom backed out slowly, and I picked up the kittens and put them back in the box again. Mom is leaving her car out from under the carport for now.

Last check, the kittens are AGAIN out of the box, and located in the third carport spot under the riding mower. Since I don't have to mow again for a while (just mowed Friday), we are going to just leave them there for the time being, unless the mother cat moves them yet AGAIN.