April 11th, 2018

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Being I have an issue with oily skin and hair, I always feel rather icky and blah when I can't take a shower in the morning.The cold water knob on the bathtub faucet fell off in Andrew's hand when he showered last night. Inside of the knob was heavily corroded. Waiting on the plumber to arrive. :-/
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No Mo Roto-Rooter

Gave up on Roto-Rooter (Monroe, LA) today. They said when we first called them at 8:30am in the morning they'd have someone out on this day. As of 5:30pm, called them to not bother. ENTIRE day was "on hold" waiting. That has never happened with them before. When called back to cancel, they said they were "short handed" for the day. WHY THE FUCK didn't they mention that when first called?!?

I finally got my shower after 6pm, used needle nose pliers to turn the cold water on to mix with the working hot water. Someone who our next door renter knows who is a licensed plumber will be out in the morning.

Roto-Rooter USED to be great. Seems like their service has gone down a rat hole lately. Do not recommend.