October 20th, 2017

drink coffee

Just Because Someone Else Did It...

Tattoos: None.
Surgeries: Vasectomy in 1995.
Broken bones: No.
Shot a gun: No.
Quit a job: No.

Flown on a plane: No.
100+ miles in car: Yes, back when I was married, to visit her parents a couple times a year.
Gone zip lining: No.
Watched someone give birth: No.
Watched someone dying: No.
Ridden in an ambulance: No.

Been to:
... Canada: No.
... to Europe: No.
... to Washington D.C: No.
... to Florida: No.
... to Colorado: No.
... to Mexico: No.
... to Las Vegas: No.

Sang karaoke: NO ONE wants to hear ME try to sing!
Had a pet: Yes.
Been downhill skiing: No.
Gone snowboarding: No.
Ability to read music: No.
Rode a motorcycle: No.
Rode a horse: No.

Stayed in a hospital: Overnight once, when I was being tested to see if I had a heart problem(it was just high blood pressure).
Ride in Police Car: No.
Driven a Boat: No.
Seen a UFO: No.
Been on a Cruise: No.
Run out of Gas: No.
Eat Sushi: No. Not gunna eat raw fish.
Seen a Ghost: No.

Truck Fixed

Went over to Firestone this afternoon to pick up the pickup. They had to replace the major parts of the fuel injection system and did a "fuel and induction decarbonization". Also replaced "idle air control valve" and "mass air flow sensor".

After the initial $99.99 charge for the diagnostic, then all the work mentioned above, total came to $664.68. This wasn't including the $65 that Bears Towing charged to tow the truck to the Firestone. Not TOO bad overall I guess, since this is the first MAJOR thing to happen with the truck since I got it in 1998. The work is warrantied for six months or 4,000 miles.
drink coffee

Adios Photobucket

Photobucket didn't have my current billing method this time for auto-renewal. Since I'm having to cut back on expenses, I'm not going to bother renewing. I don't take many pictures, and between the free Flickr and Google Photos, don't really need anything else.