September 20th, 2017

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Long Distance Relationships

Andrew worked 7:00am-Noon today. He doesn't go back until Friday at 4:00pm. He left for Texas after work today to spend time with his girlfriend.

He met her here in town before she moved. She and he were both working at Subway together at the time. They are trying to maintain a "long distance" relationship.

Messenger Roulette

Re-installed Pidgin Messenger for the first time in a while. Trillian was having sporadic issues with Facebook Messenger. Noticed Pidgin had an add-on for Yahoo Messenger, so I installed that also. Hadn't used Yahoo Messenger since they changed the protocol and was no longer compatible with Trillian.

Regretting that "Lifetime License" I bought for Trillian a few years ago. It's now virtually worthless.