June 4th, 2017


Not A Lot Happening, So Here's Some Random Stuff...

Stayed up late last night watching a couple of streaming movies. Hadn't seen the 1974 Alan Arkin/James Caan movie "Freebie and the Bean" in a few decades. It was funnier than I remembered. Streaming on Warner Archive. Then watched the Hulu documentary "Becoming Bond", about George Lazenby's one time appearance as 007. He apparently turned down a multi-million dollar contract to appear in six more films, on principle.

I've been using Trillian Instant Messenger almost as long as I've been online. Looks like I'll finally have to uninstall it after all these years. They are changing the direction of the company, and going for business customers, therefore doing away with AIM, ICQ, Facebook Messenger capabilities(so much for the "Lifetime" license I bought several years ago). The latter hasn't worked on the version I have on the PC in about three weeks. Using a browser add-on for that one now. Haven't gotten used to the layout on the add-on over Trillian's, and missed a message from a friend last night as a result. Didn't see it until this morning when I went to the actual Facebook page.

My Hotmail Spam folder the past few days has been literally FILLED with those Amazon "Your order has been canceled" scams. WAY too obvious for me that those are scams, because I don't use Hotmail for Amazon, and MOSTLY, it's been at LEAST four years since the last time I even ORDERED anything from Amazon.

Andrew is now working at a Circle K convenience store on the overnight shift. I had an interview with one a few months ago, but they never called back. I've had a FEW interviews lately that I've never heard back from. I'm starting to wonder if it's an "ageism" thing.

Our postal mail seems to be a LOT less when our regular mail carrier takes off and the substitute runs(who drives a black Jeep-looking vehicle). Only thing in the box Thursday was "The Ouachita Citizen" paper mom subscribes to, then NOTHING AT ALL Friday and Saturday. We usually get SOMETHING, even if it's a piece of junk mail. Starting to think the substitute isn't delivering all the mail. Once, a few weeks ago, I put a piece of mail in the box around 7:30am, put the flag up, and it never got picked up that day. I'm sure it was a day the substitute carrier was running. I put it back out the next morning, and it got picked up. There's something "fishy" in Denmark.

TRIED using Firefox browser again for a while yesterday. Like Trillian, I had been using it for years, up until about three years ago, when Mozilla started messing up the interface and removing features. Now that they are changing the background engine soon, even some sites I visit regularly, don't work in the 64-bit version. The chat box on Vaughnlive doesn't load, but the video loads fine. The pre-paid money card I use to pay our VOIP phone bill, the site doesn't load AT ALL. Works fine in Opera, as does Vaughnlive. Firefox is becoming an unusable MESS, and Mozilla wonders why their "market share" is shrinking! Not only THAT, but most current extensions will stop working in November with the release of version 57. Really no need to bother with it anymore. I do still use Mozilla Thunderbird for email though. They haven't screwed that up... YET.

As for the Kathy Griffin incident, where she took a photo holding up a bloody Trump head, I think the entire thing was overblown. It was what I classify as "dark humor", not an ACTUAL threat to the orange menace. Fuck, that asshole Ted Nugent actually threatened to lynch Obama! Did HE have to apologize? No. Instead, HE gets invited to the White House by the Orange-in-Chief. "Double Standard" much?? This country is SO FUCKED UP!

Once I got to a certain age, I stopped giving a crap what anyone thinks about my opinions. If they don't like what I'm saying, they can move on. Yes, I've become a bitter, cranky old man.
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Some Things I WON'T Do For Money...

In the documentary about George Lazenby I watched on Hulu last night, "Becoming Bond", he was offered a contract to do 6 more films, but turned down the money because of a list of "conditions" he would have to follow for the length of his contract.

Sounds a bit like me on one thing. NO amount of money would ever convince me to appear in one of those inane "reality" shows.