May 14th, 2017

Albert's Place2

Floor Update

Workmen came by yesterday morning and replaced the area of the floor that had developed soft spots. They put extra bracings in, and used extra thick, moisture retardant plywood. Told them the topping didn't have to exactly match the old topping, since nothing in the house matches color-wise anyway.

At least now we don't have to worry about anyone falling through the floor when they come in that door!


Not Taking Mom Out For Mother's Day

Wish I could have went out to eat at a nice restaurant with mom like a lot of friends are doing today, but I'd spend too much time in the restroom trying to clear enough junk out of my throat to swallow without gagging. Still no new appointment with the specialist in Shreveport from University Health Conway even after "reminding" them two times.

Mom and I had "take out" Taco Bell today. Took me two hours to down two Taco Supremes and a Mexican Pizza.