June 5th, 2016

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REALLY Gotta Start Checking Pockets

I put a set of Andrew's work clothes in the washer this morning. When I went to put them in the dryer, I immediately noticed the shirt and pants were COATED in white stuff, as was the drum of the washing machine.. Dug around in his pants pockets, found what appeared to be the remnants of a tissue or a paper towel.

SO, I wiped out the drum, and am attempting to wash the work clothes AGAIN. If the second washing doesn't remove the stuck-on paper, the mess will probably have to be picked off MANUALLY, and THAT will be a MAJOR PAIN IN THE ASS!!

UPDATE: FINALLY got all the white stuff off the clothing. It took THREE washings and TWO dryings.

Not Better Yet

STILL having issues swallowing most foods(gagged up most of breakfast), sinuses STILL giving me problems, so guess I'll be getting up early in the morning and heading BACK to the Conway Hospital outpatient clinic, since I took the last antibiotic yesterday, and only have three of the other prescription left(the one that is supposed to reduce the throat swelling). The nurse practitioner I saw last Tuesday said to return Monday if I wasn't better.
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