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May 6th, 2016


If I'm Cranky All Day...

Got woke up early this morning by a number "318-563-1501" calling the mobile phone I bought recently. Phone is kept plugged in near the desktop computer when not in use, so I didn't make it to the phone before it stopped ringing. Since it's main use is an "emergency phone", no one has the number except the three people in the house.

As a result, I've moved the phone and charger to a "neutral" room in the house, where no one stays for any length of time... except the cats occasionally.

80's Nostalgia

Heard "The Heat is On" by Glen Frey on the radio while out earlier. Remembered "Beverly Hills Cop" is on Hulu . Have the movie on VHS, but haven't watched it in a couple 'o decades. I know what I'll be doing!

Watching on Hulu, not the VHS of course!