March 14th, 2016


Mission Accomplished

Got up early this morning, went to Lowe's, bought a 10-pack of electrical outlets and two new power strips. Son replaced the outlet in his room and two power strips, since we weren't really sure which was causing all the electronics on that side of his room to suddenly shut down and the adapter in the outlet to get hot. This was after having to replace the outlet near his nightstand a few weeks ago because IT was losing power (inside of that outlet had serious corrosion).

While at it, we replaced the old outlet in the living room, the one in my bedroom where the power strip for the PC and peripherals were plugged in, and the one behind the microwave in the kitchen. Those weren't giving issues, I just figured we'd replace them so we wouldn't have to use adapters anymore, since the original outlets only had two holes, and the new ones have three.

I live in a seriously "outdated" house.