February 2nd, 2016

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Good Riddance

Andrew told me this morning that his mother contacted him and said her moms long time "boyfriend" Keith died. After being around him on some visits down in Denham Springs in the 1990's, all I can say to the news is "Good Riddance".

Guy was a huge asshole. Ex told me once, that when she was younger, the guy would make her wash his truck, while wearing a swimsuit. The guy had the ex's mother so scared from mental and physical abuse she was afraid to ever leave him, in fear of her life. On one of the visits, I saw him pick up their family dog and sling it against a tree, just for barking. It's a wonder he didn't kill the poor animal.

Apparently his illness was long and drawn out. Liver and kidney failure, bleeding from rectum, nose, and mouth. He deserved it.