Albert Sims (albert71292) wrote,
Albert Sims

Got in from work a while ago, there was a call on my caller-ID...from Target. No, it isn't that I forgot to erase the call from around 2:40 this was a call made at 6:37pm this evening! Now, why would they call HERE at 6:37pm when I was THERE on the clock at the time???

Also, gotta remember to turn off the "preview pane" in my email client when I leave the computer unattended, like I did this evening while at work. I get home, a big red and blue screen telling me Norton detected that damned "Yaha" virus again. Third time this week I've gotten that thing...and this time, it was sent to my box as "returned mail" from MY isp, like I'm the one that sent the thing out! I ran a virus scan to make sure Norton didn't slip up, and no viruses were detected, so someone that has me in their address book...and I think I know who...because of the Brazilian ISP in the other address...has that virus. I sent Marcia an email last night,telling her I think her PC is infected, but I haven't heard anything back yet...

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