June 3rd, 2015

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Missions Accomplished

It was still boggy as heck in the back yard from all the recent rains, but I managed to mow the yard anyway. Now I'm thoroughly exhausted, and probably will be 85% immobile in the morning as a result. Gotta leave soon to take the boy to work.

In other news, Aunt Sybil drove mom to Shreveport for her appointment to get the surgery staples removed. The doctor there has "released" her, and said if she has any problems, to see her regular physician. Still about another week before she can drive however. Also, she doesn't have to use the oxygen anymore.
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My old fashioned landline number has successfully been ported over to BasicTalk VOIP service. I'll be saving around $40/month over what AT&T was charging for the same features. Plus, calls anywhere in the continental US won't be considered "long distance" like they were with the landline.