February 26th, 2015

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Dogs Amuck

Called the parish animal control this morning. People that moved into the old Funderburk house next door recently have been letting their two dogs, a small light brown one and a small black one, have run of the neighborhood. Even though there is a parish leash law, I hadn't thought much about it until this morning, when they ran up barking at me and trying to jump on me on my way out to the mailbox. I went to the utility room, grabbed a large stick, waved it at them and told them to "GIT!!", which then they ran away.

A few days ago, the light brown one was walking around our yard with one of those white cone things around its head. Apparently it had been to the veterinarian recently. If the morons care enough to take them to the vet, why on earth don't they care enough to keep them locked or chained up? Mom saw one of them chasing a car recently. Several animals over the years have been run over by vehicles on this road!