October 24th, 2014


Are they INSANE?!?

University Health, the company that asshat Bobby Jindal let take over Conway Hospital, MUST be out of their tiny little minds! Andrew went in a few weeks ago, was diagnosed with "acute sore throat", got a shot, and some prescriptions to be filled (which were filled at Walgreen's). We mailed in copies of his paycheck stubs (he's only working PART TIME at McDonald's). Today, University Health mails a bill to him for $427! WTF?!? Mom said she'll take him over there on his next day off, to see if anything can be done about that. No one in this house can afford currently to pay THAT much! I'd like to punch Jindal in the face.

Awning Repair

Think I was able to at least TEMPORARILY save the awning above the sons bedroom window that was damaged after the big storms last week . Still a bit warped along the top part that attaches to the house, but sturdily re-mounted.