September 20th, 2014

drink coffee

Need Sleep

Didn't get NEAR enough sleep last night. Went to sleep a little after 11pm. Got woke back up around 1am, son calling after returning from a friends house, wanting me to unlock the door, because he forgot his keys. Took a while to get back to sleep. Then, roofers showed up around 7am, earlier than I was expecting.

Might need a nap sometime this afternoon after roofers are done, since eyelids are already feeling VERY heavy.
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drink coffee

This Evening...

This Evening...

1.Watch the final part of "The Roosevelts" on TV.
2.Son is SUPPOSED to get off work at 9:15, will have to go pick him up.
3.Watch more classic "Doctor Who" on Hulu Plus.
4.Go to sleep.