August 20th, 2014


Back to Vet

Getting ready to take Eastwood back to the vet this morning. Not really sure they are on the right track about his problem possibly being arthritis. Those two shots last week haven't produced any noticeable changes in the sensitivity on his backside. Also, when I comb him, a lot of white flakes are in his fur.

He was examined by Dr.Armstrong last visit. He's supposed to be seeing his regular vet, Dr. Malta, this morning at Cooper Veterinary Hospital. She might have a different diagnosis.
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Cat Update

Dr. Malta DID have a different diagnosis for Eastwood. Nothing to do with arthritis. Plenty to do with a reaction to fleas. Fleas are near impossible to see on Eastwood, because of the color of his fur. After I mentioned the white specks in his fur, she ran a comb through it, and discovered a lot of dark specks also, which she identified as flea dung. She sprayed a chemical on the black specks, and they turned red. She said that was undigested blood in the flea dung.

SO... she gave him an injection of Depo-Medrol(for the flea allergies), and sent me home with topical between the shoulder blades flea treatment (for both Eastwood AND moms cat Booger), and a bottle of spray to apply to the bedding where the cats sleep. She said she might call in a day or two to see how he's doing. No office exam charge this time, just charged for the shot and meds.

Kinda thinking that Dr. Armstrong at Cooper Veterinary is a bit of a "quack".