August 13th, 2014

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Busy Day

Had my alarm set for 7:00am, since Eastwood had his 9:15am veterinarian appointment this morning. I showered, shaved, brewed a pot of Community Dark Roast Coffee, and sat down at the computer. Turned on the monitor. It flashed on for about half a second, then went to black. Turned it off and on again... same thing. Rebooted the tower. Same thing. Dragged out my rarely used laptop, did some searches for the symptoms. Almost every link in the search I clicked pointed to either the backlight or power supply failing. The monitor had been a bit pinkish in the lower part of the screen for a couple of weeks now, but it cleared up after being left on for a while. Since the monitor was close to eight years old, I figured it's just time for a new one.

Before the trip to Office Depot, I took Eastwood to Cooper Veterinary Hospital for his appointment. Dr. Malta was out, so he saw Dr. Armstrong. I described Eastwood's symptoms to the doctor, and he seemed to think he has the onset of arthritis in his hips. He decided to try a regimen of shots. He got two shots today, Adequan and Dexamethasone, the latter being a steroid. Vet wants Eastwood to come back once a week for a month to get the first mentioned shot, then possibly taper off to once a month after that.

Brought Eastwood back home after that, then got back in the truck and went to Office Depot to get a new monitor. Researched a bit earlier in the morning, discovered they had a 24" Dell brand monitor for $169.99. That's the one I bought. Easier on these old eyes than the 19" HP was.

Been so busy, I FINALLY fixed me a plate of food... at 2:35pm. Son is scheduled to get off work at 9:15pm tonight. Hope they don't work him TOO much later, since I got up earlier than usual this morning. If it doesn't rain again before tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to try to get the shaggy yard mowed!