August 3rd, 2014

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Misdirected Gmail

I'm glad that I use Gmail as a "secondary" account, and NOT for anything important! I get LOTS of "misdirected" mail apparently meant for OTHER people, yet it's sent to MY email address. Mails like account activations, banking statements, cable bills, etc., which are meant for OTHER people.

I've checked the links in the emails, and they DO go to the correct websites, so they AREN'T "phishing" attempts. My guess is that something is severely screwed up in Gmail's algorithms.

From my observations so far, if I used Gmail for sensitive stuff, no telling WHO might get MY emails!
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Not intentionally, but so far today on Facebook, I've apparently pissed off a relative, and left a comment on a friends post that was deleted because it might be inappropriate for his colleagues.

Battin' zero today it seems. Maybe I should just go watch some TV.