November 23rd, 2013

drink coffee

They're Dead, Jim...

For the first time in nearly a decade, I spent a good portion of this morning going through my Bookmarks. Ended up finding over 100 I could safely delete, since they were no longer active!
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Need More Juice

Sucks that I have no UNCAPPED, FASTER internet available. Son just got pissed that I kept restarting the DSL modem to cure the buffering on the video stream I'm watching, because it messed up the video game he was playing online. Being my buffering doesn't start until he goes online, he's guessing his game uploads a lot during play, which causes severe lag on our connection, since we only have 512kbps upload.

I'm using the ONLY wired, uncapped ISP in this area. Only other option would be getting a second DSL line run, but that would be cost prohibitive at this time.