September 29th, 2013

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BBC Retweeted

I replied to a Tweet made by Graham Linehan (@Glinner) on Twitter where he said, "Flipping through channels I'm reminded that if it wasn't for the BBC, television would just be one eternal advertisement".

I said, "I'd be willing to pay the equivalent of a yearly license fee to get the actual BBC here in the states. I'm sure others would also."

My reply has so far gotten 26 "retweets" and 10 "favorites". Rather unexpected.

Brain Dead Much?

Someone in the #twitlive IRC chat asked who was watching "Breaking Bad" tonight. I said I was watching "The Good Wife" tonight, never seen "Breaking Bad", since I haven't had cable for a few years now.

They asked me, "How are you watching 'The Good Wife' then, if you don't have cable?"

I immediately facepalmed.