July 25th, 2013

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Ask Toolbar Malware...

Okay now, that "Ask Toolbar" is starting to PISS me off! Just updated a program, UNCHECKED the option to install the toolbar during the installation process, fucker STILL installed! Had to manually UNINSTALL the damn thing!

I remember reading an article a couple of years ago, where "Ask" sued some website that called them malware, because of the sneaky ways they tried to install their toolbar on peoples computers, by claiming they aren't malware. BULLSHIT!

If you proceed to install your unwanted CRAP on peoples computers, even AFTER the person UNCHECKS the option to install your crap... then you ARE MALWARE!
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Big Bargain

While I was out this morning on the elusive job search, I stopped by "Dollar Tree". Found a book I didn't already own by one of my favorite authors, Garrison Keillor. Only copy on the shelf...

Only cost $1.00!