July 1st, 2013

drink coffee

Eye Surgery

Taking mom to get a cataract removed from her right eye in about an hour. Eye surgeon said it's about a 10 minute procedure, but the entire stay will be a couple of hours. Think I'll bring a book to read while waiting.

She'll have to return tomorrow for a follow-up checkup.
drink coffee

Near Point of Failure

Will be heading to Radio Shack in the next day or so to purchase some outdoor telephone wire. When I was out mowing the other day, noticed the wire leading to the back bedroom (where the modem is located) is developing some small cracks in the outer lining. Need to replace it before it fails.

UPDATE: Well, after a few unexpected "setbacks", I've successfully got a new telephone wire ran to the bedroom.The "setbacks" were having to temporarily remove a piece of siding from the house, and having to slightly enlarge the hole the old piece of wire came into the house through. The new wire is a bit wider than the old one was.