June 29th, 2013


Slight Redo...

Well, finished the preliminary slight "redesign" of my website. I've had the thing for 10 years, figured it was about time to revamp it, no matter how small. There is no "mobile" version, since I know nothing about mobile devices. Some pages hadn't been updated since 2005. Site is still designed with a WYSIWYG sitebuilder, since I know hardly ANYTHING about coding. Partial list of changes made:

1. Changed background color to "black with white text"
2. "Updated" the "My Son Andrew", "My Mother", and "My Pics" pages by adding more recent photos.
3. Eliminated the "Click on thumbnail for larger representation" option, by posting the photos larger on the pages, since more people have faster internet now than in 2003.
4. Eliminated the "School Years Crushes" and "Online Friends Pages" pages. Most of my online friends no longer have websites.
5. Updated the "Favorite Websites" and "Shameless Plugs" pages. There were sites on the old page I hadn't visited in YEARS!
6. Added a page with nothing but pictures of my cat "Eastwood".
7. Most recent "Cam Archives" page was stuck at 2005 for ages. Finally did some updating, added pages for 2006-2012. No 2009 page however, couldn't find hardly anything saved from that year for some reason.