June 28th, 2013

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Mom, Cabbage Rolls, and KNOE TV

Mom saw a cabbage roll recipe on "Good Morning ArkLaMiss" Wednesday morning she was interested in. They said it would be posted on KNOE's website "shortly". Well. it still wasn't posted by the end of that day. I mentioned the fact on KNOE's Twitter AND Facebook pages. No response.

This morning, I've sent an email DIRECTLY to the shows producer. Starting to think KNOE doesn't read any of their messages.

This happened once before, sometime last year, with a recipe mom wanted me to print out for her. Got a response then... they said the "morning crew" "forgot" to post it, and it wasn't up until after the following weekend. Their idea of "shortly" is apparently "several days". Sounds like KNOE's morning crew are a bunch of slackers!