June 17th, 2013

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Mom and Email

My mother was telling me how, when she's filling out update forms at her various doctors, there's spaces for an email address and a cell phone number, and she has neither.

So, this morning, I decide to at least set her up with an official email address, since she's not all that interested in computers. I first go to Yahoo, fill out all the fields... including secret questions, alternate email (supplied one of mine for password recovery), and deciphered the "captcha" at the end. Left the "Mobile Phone" field blank. After all that filling stuff out, wasn't able to create a Yahoo email account for her. It just WOULDN'T go through without a mobile phone number! Tried putting my landline number in, but it recognized that it wasn't a mobile number.

I finally said "Screw it!" and decided to try Gmail. I was able to successfully create her an email account there. They had a field for a mobile phone number, which I left blank, and the account was still activated.

WHY do places just ASSUME that EVERYONE owns a FREGGIN' cellphone?!?