May 22nd, 2013

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They can't HANDLE the truth!

Apparently, some of the old recordings me and my friends made in the 1980's have some elements that are too "controversial" in modern society, so I've given up on the idea of uploading them and making them public. They will have to remain in my private archives.

Most "controversial" so far seemed to be recordings made in 1984 of a local heavy metal band, who I was introduced to at the time by a long time friend. I took those recordings, and made a "Tape & Record Show" 90-minute "special" out of it in 1986. I narrated the segments, using the knowledge I had at the time, from the longtime friend.

I uploaded and shared the "broadcast version" narrated and edited in 1986 to a Facebook group where some of the original band participants were members. Got accused of lying about drug use in the band at the time of the recordings. My friend at the time I made the "special" had told me at the time he'd seen various members of the group using "illegal substances", and I see no reason he'd lie about that, so I mentioned it in my narration on the 1986 re-recording.

This pissed off a couple of people apparently, even one who wasn't in the band at the time. So, to make a long story short, I've unfriended one who I was friended with up to this point, deleted the post and file in the group, and deleted the file on Soundcloud.

Honestly though, the ONE who WAS in the group originally who "claimed" he never used anything illegal at the time, was probably too stoned at the time to remember doing it! No one can accuse me of lying by saying it in this post, because I'm careful here to not mention the bands name OR any other names. I stick with my facts however.