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February 6th, 2013



Still feeling miserable with this sinus infection. To top that off, both mom AND Andrew have the crud now! :-(

Only two "healthy" bodies in the house currently are the cats!

Probably not making anyone happy, but...

I'm probably pissing off a few Facebook friends. They will "Share" old "memes" that have been circulating for ages, and have been proven false for almost as long. Whenever I see these, I post the link that proves the thing is false in the comments, usually a Snopes.com link. There were two more this morning in my feed.

Personally, I do a little research before I share just "anything". That is what search engines are for! ONLY if I can confirm something, do I repost it.

All I can say is, RESEARCH people...RESEARCH!!!

Don't think he needs "benefits"

Just went to the mailbox. The American Legion could save some money by not mailing things offering benefits to my dad. He's been dead since 1991!