September 21st, 2012

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Lazy evening...

Andrew has left with his girlfriend. They are going to an early movie, then off to the fair. Gonna be kinda quiet around the house. I'm heading out in about half an hour or so to pick up some Taco Bell for mom and I for dinner. Andrew's girlfriend said they would probably be out very late, so I most likely won't be awake when he gets in. Seems the older I get, the earlier I get sleepy.


After an exhaustive search for the one hour edited down "master tape" of the first "Randy Haney Comedy Hour" in the archives, I gave up, and transferred a copy of the original recording session to my hard drive instead. This recording will officially be 30 years old on October 30, 1982. Need to run the recording through a "clean up" process to filter as much hiss as possible from the recording, but will do that tomorrow!

The recording featured Randy Haney singing songs by Elvis Presley and a couple of songs by the Broadway cast of "Grease". Also, Matt Morehead placed a bet with Randy's sister Michelle that there was only ONE member of the group "STYX" that was white.