September 15th, 2012

Completely different

Weird Dreams...

Had this unusual dream last night, first time I can remember several details of one in quite some time.

Started with me on an airplane... which is a novelty for a start since I've never been on one! Had my little Philips MP3 player, listening to music on headphones. I was the only passenger. Fell asleep, when I awoke, plane was full. Landed in England.

Got off the plane. No clue where I was supposed to go next. Started walking from the airport. Found a policeman, who I followed to an UNDERWATER police station. We chatted normally, even underwater. Police station looked like it could have been from the 1800's.

Asked the officer where I might find "Petrova Cremin". He had no idea, started calling on an old fashioned wall phone... still underwater mind you!

Next thing I know, the officer transformed into a large catfish looking creature and tried to bite me on the head, while I pushed him away.

Ended up in my escape above the water, and another officer grabbed me, said I was under arrest for killing a fellow officer.

Fellow officer had transformmed back into human form, was laying at my feet. He then got up, said it was all a joke, and said I was free to go.

I left, walked past a rather large "Zippo" type lighter on the ground. Didn't stop walking to pick it up. Turned around several feet later, noticed a random guy picked it up, opened it. Instead of the standard lighter innards, it had several American dollars in cash in it.

Last I remember from the dream... awoke to go to the bathroom. IF I EVER can afford such a trip, hope it is a bit tamer than the dream!

Any "dream experts" out there want to figure THIS one out??