September 5th, 2012


Good News, Bad News...

GOOD: FINALLY got wireless to work on the laptop after installing Linux on it the other day.

BAD: Not really sure WHAT I did to get it working though!
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I got in the mood to watch the Stanley Kubrick fim "The Shining" again, so pulled out the Blu-ray. At first just mom and I were watching, then the boy came in and watched till the finish. Then again, he's seen the movie a few times, and likes it also. Mom just said, "Well, that was strange." at the end...


Kubrick Mistake?

In one of the bar scenes, Jack Torrance asks Lloyd for a bourbon, straight up. I noticed watching the Blu-ray on the 46 inch Sony, that the drink poured was from a Jack Daniels bottle.

Jack Daniels AIN'T BOURBON! Jack Daniels is just "whiskey", being it comes from Tennessee. Only "bourbon" if it comes from Kentucky!

You'd have thought Kubrick, being the "perfectionist" his reputation leads him to be, would have noticed that!