August 1st, 2012


Teabagging Chick-Fil-Derp

Lots of those nutty derpy "teabaggers" invading West Monroe today. Mom was going two places after seeing the doctor today, one of them Walmart (yes, SHE still shops there, even after what they did to me) to buy "dry goods", then to "Super 1 Foods" for groceries(she likes the quality of their meat). Walmart is RIGHT in that intersection where Chick-Fil-Derp is, and judging from what I've read, she might want to avoid Walmart altogether today, and just get everything at Super 1, which is on Cypress Street.

Knew about the teabaggers going there yesterday, there was an article on the local newspapers website. Had I thought it would be THIS bad, I could have told her to stay away from that area today. Unfortunately, she left the house about an hour before I first saw this on Facebook...