July 21st, 2012

fawlty car abuse

They're back??

An OBVIOUSLY fake "Clint Howard" account just attempted to "Follow" me on Twitter. Blocked immediately, account similar to troll accounts in past that were trolling my son and I. A few of the profiles followers were the same that followed that "Pheco Thompson", who I associated with the trolling when it was going on after a bit of research. Unfortunately, that name isn't legit, it's an obvious pseudonym. Wasn't born yesterday!


Been through all the boxes in the closet, can't find the "broadcast edited" version of the first "Randy Haney Comedy Hour". Want to digitally retransfer it since getting the USB cassette deck, since the CD-R I made on the Philips CD recorder back around 1998 has failed... may have to use the "master tape" and re-edit as close as possible to the original form instead... I KNOW where the original recording is! :-/

References: http://www.albertsplace.com/trse.html and http://www.albertsplace.com/broadcast_histories.html