July 20th, 2012


Friday the 13th isn't unlucky...

Friday the 13th isn't unlucky...Friday the 20th IS however!

This morning, on my way to pick up moms prescription from Walgreen's, I got stopped by a state trooper. Neglected to come to a FULL stop at the stop sign at the corner of Washington Street and New New Natchitoches. Apparently he was parked at the Citgo station, and I didn't see him. Out of habit, if I see no traffic, I usually just slow down at the sign. I now have a ticket, second one since I started driving. Gonna call Monday to see what the "damage" is.

Gotta break that habit!

After I get back home, moms tenant in her trailer she is renting comes over and alerts there is a huge water leak under it. Now waiting for the plumber.

So, as you see, Friday the 20th is the day to look out for! :-(
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When it rains, it blows!

Late this afternoon, a severe thunderstorm with around 50mph winds and pea sized hail suddenly popped up out of nowhere!

According to local news reports, around 7,000 without power, trees and power lines down. Blew over our garbage cans, tree limbs in the yard. The truck in the picture belongs to the person renting moms trailer.