June 26th, 2012


Small Health Update

Heading out in a few minutes to pick up the prescription I dropped off at Brookshire's yesterday after I had my doctor appointment. It was my twice yearly checkup for my blood pressure. Gained some weight since my last visit, I'm apparently 257 lbs now. However, blood pressure was 123/82, which was better than it has been in a while. The doctor I see is about twice my size, thus the reason why I'm thinking she has never commented on MY weight.

Since the reading was lower than expected, the doctor changed my medication. She's knocking off the one I take twice a day, and one of the others I take once a day. Instead, I'll be taking one pill a day, just a higher milligram one. Kinda glad one med is being eliminated, because TWO of them made me drowsy... now just one will have that effect, so I won't be walking around quite AS drowsy!

Also, I brought up the occasional upper left leg pain, and the occasional calf cramps in both legs. She seems to think it's a potassium deficiency, so she told me to start taking potassium tablets. I'll pick up some of them while I'm picking up mu medicine.

In other news, grass needs mowing again, but may wait a couple more days... don't feel like getting out in the heat today at least!