April 11th, 2012

fawlty car abuse

Still haunting...

Got a letter in the mail today with the ex-wife's name on it. It was from a collection agency, saying she owes $237.96 to "Qwest". There was a toll free number on the letter, so I called it, and let them know, in no uncertain terms, that the biatch hasn't lived here since 1996, and all I know is that she is somewhere in the Baton Rouge area, and take my address off their list! Also gave them her "new" name, which I got from the Support Enforcement Service after Andrew turned 18, letting me know the enforcement was now fully closed. The letter from the collection agency had "Kelli Sims" on it, but apparently she has remarried, and now going by "Kelli Duclos" according to the Support Enforcement notice.

Mom said, and I tend to agree, that the biatch is probably getting phones, which I think "Qwest" is, using her old name, and giving MY address, so, if she needs to, she can try to weasel out of paying for them. Definitely wouldn't put it past her, since she's one of the shadiest people on the planet!